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Locksmith East Lothian

Do you require a locksmith in East Lothian.

Call Steven on 0131 538 1342 now, and we’ll have a locksmith at your door within 30 minutes.

We have been providing locksmithing services to homes and businesses in East Lothian for the past 16 years. During this time we’ve assisted countless residents to gain access to their property quickly and safely, with a minimum of disruption.

We provide lock and security services to properties as far south as Eyemouth and cover all towns and villages including Dunbar, East Linton, Haddington and Prestonpans to name just a few.

East Lothian has a varied history of buildings dating from the early 18th century right up to the modern housing developments taking place on the outskirts of Dunbar today. Being a locksmith in 2016 means being prepared for every eventuality. We are often asked to gain access to properties with old deteriorating mortice locks that have seized and then immediately after, are called out to a modern semi detached property with malfunctioning Upvc locks.

Our security vans are stocked with every lock imaginable. This gives us the best chance of replacing your problematic lock immediately. If for any reason we cannot replace or repair your locks on our initial visit, we will always secure your property for you and your families safety.


Your home or businesses security should always be your top priority for the safety of yourself and your family. Having your property violated by intruders is never a pleasant experience. This is why you should have periodic security checks conducted throughout every door and window lock of your home or business.

If you are a landlord in East Lothian, then Smartlox can assist you in quickly and effortlessly changing locks in your property. We can conduct this service with a minimum of disruption to your property and at any time of day or night. If you require monthly checks on your properties, we can provide regular checks to your locks and general property security.

As part of our security services, we provide free help and advice to everyone, on how best make their property secure. Burglars and intruders are always trying to find new ways of gaining access to your property. This is why Smartlox is at the forefront of lock and property security. We can advise you on the latest products that are available to keep you safe and also what not to do, to encourage problems that might happen.

When employing the services of Smartlox, you can be reassured that all work carried out by our locksmiths will be to the highest standard and wherever possible the use of nondestructive entry measures will be employed. Our locksmiths have an in-depth knowledge of joinery repairs and maintenance, which allows us to leave your property with a minimum of damage.

Smartlox is local locksmith and not a national call centre, so when you contact us, you will speak directly with our master locksmith, Steven Day.