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Home Security should always be a top priority.


The majority of home security manufacturers have upped their game with the demand for tighter home and business safety.

When you buy or rent a property, it’s security is one of the major areas you should have covered.

There are always improvements that can be made to your security systems, to keep them up to date and maintenance-free. Here are a few ideas as to what actions you should consider implementing.

Tips To Remember
Going on holiday or away on business? With any luck, you’ve already set up your properties security system. Nevertheless, you should contemplate having these security measures in place while you are away:

1. Check Your Buildings Home Security System
Well, informed thieves can easily breach your standard security systems. It’s always beneficial to regularly upgrade you security system. Make sure your property has no security blind spots and fit motion sensors as required.

2. Fit Quality Locks
Your first task when moving to a new house is replacing every lock. Your best option is always to get a trusted and reliable locksmith like Smartlox to complete this work including:

Front and Back Doors
All Windows
When replacing deadbolts, it’s always best to have smart locks installed. These locks benefit from using access codes and state of the art technology. We fit smart locks that are tough to break. A bonus of this type of lock is the ability to allow access in times of emergency.

Always Fit Exterior Lighting
Bright light is always a good deterrent for every thief. A quality light source protects your property in two ways:

It helps CCTV cameras by shining the light on intruders.
It acts as a deterrent to any undesirables who show some unwanted attention towards your property.

Avoid These Mistakes
Installing a home security system is one of the best investments you can make. But in doing so it’s important not to neglect other areas of security and to remember these facts:

1. Don’t hide your keys under the plant pots!!
In the past, property owners were notorious for hiding their keys outside their front door. This often was to allow friends and neighbours easy access when you were away.

Nowadays this is best avoided whenever possible. Particularly with the amount of small high-value electronic items, we have today. Thieves are both opportunists as well as planners when it comes to burglaries. By hiding your keys anywhere outside, you’re running the chance of being seen when doing so.

2. Do Not Keep High-Value Items At Home
It’s always wise to keep high-value possessions under lock and key. Ideally away from your property when possible. Consider renting a safety deposit box. If you must store them at home, make sure they are kept from sight and stored securely.

3. Don’t Use Your Facebook Check-In
Today social media is part of our everyday life. Beware of giving too much information away online as today’s thieves are often tech savvy and will take advantage whenever they can.
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