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Installation And Maintenance Of Intercom Systems Fri, 21 Oct 2016 09:39:33 +0000 Smartlox Edinburgh Locksmith

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Smartlox installs intercom systems in homes, businesses, schools and anywhere restricted access is required throughout Edinburgh. We install security systems that help keep your family or staff safe by restricting access to your property through security tags, key fobs and entry keypads that use numeric codes.

Remote access intercom systems can benefit your property by:

You eliminate the need to replace door locks or have additional keys cuts when the existing keys are lost. Card operated key fobs or security cards are issued to only those requiring access. If these fobs or cards are lost then, they can be immediately deactivated thus making it impossible to enter with these cards.

All doors and entry points are protected from being left unlocked once your access control security is connected. All doors within the system are locked automatically as they’re closed. These entry systems can also be customised to stay open at certain times throughout the day when programmed.

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Entry may be permitted for front door use, but you can program the system to prohibit internal door access. Again this can be fully customised to suit varying levels of security. Zone control is a popular choice with door entry systems. Another benefit is that access can be given to individuals who need to gain entry at various times of the day.

Smartlox has over 25 years experience in building and installing intercom entry systems. We work with some of most reliable and easy to use systems on the market. Full training and maintenance are also provided with all our systems.

Employing The Services Of A Qualified Edinburgh Locksmith Thu, 06 Oct 2016 18:11:41 +0000 Smartlox Edinburgh Locksmith

Being locked out of your home or business is never something you want to experience often. This is particularly true if you have children or have health issues. If you find yourself in these circumstances, it is always handy to have a local Edinburgh Locksmith telephone number handy. You’ll most often require the assistance of a 24-hour emergency locksmith to help you get back into your property quickly and at any time of day or night. When initially deciding to call a locksmith it is often wise to study reviews of local locksmiths in the area from previous customers who have first-hand knowledge of their services.

Use the services of a reliable and honest local business

Only use a locksmith in Edinburgh that is fully qualified in the skills of opening locks with a minimum of damage. This is what’s called non-destructive locksmiths. By reviewing what other customers are reporting on their previous experiences, you will quickly discover if they are the right ones for you to call. A fully trained master locksmith like those at Smartlox have been trained for many years in the skills of locksmithing. This not only involves many hours of attention to detail when opening locks but also shows a commitment to continually learn new technologies and skills. This is then past onto you the customer by opening your locks quickly and with the minimum of damage to your property.


Always ask for a Guarantee

As a rule, only call a locksmith who offers free no obligation quotations for any work you need doing. It is also a good idea to call around some local Edinburgh Locksmiths. This will allow you to compare your estimates and gain a little more information about who your calling. It’s also standard practice to receive at least a two-year warranty on all locks supplied and fitted. Additionally, make sure you are being offered good reliable locks if your current one’s need replacing. Often 24 Hour emergency locksmiths are needed to complete their work in stressful situations and emergency lockouts where the property owner is upset. This comes easily to a fully qualified and experienced locksmith; they will calm the situation immediately and let you gain entry quickly.

Love Your Locksmith!!!

Your emergency locksmith should have you inside your home or business within 60 minutes. Any longer than this and you should be asking serious questions about his locksmithing skills. Smartlox has a 30 minute average callout time and an entry time of usually 58 minutes. Non-destructive entry is also the normal way to gain entry to lockout properties. This has the benefit of allowing your locks to be then serviced and used again. In the unfortunate occurrence that your locks may need to be damaged or destroyed, you can be sure that all our locksmiths carry an extensive amount of replacement locks and ironmongery. Also if we cannot replace your locks immediately, you can be reassured that we will always secure your home or business for the safety of you and your family.

Always maintain your homes security

Our master locksmiths offer free help and advice to all house owners and business owners throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians. If you require more information on upgrading your properties security, then please get in touch immediately. Our services cover all budgets no matter what size of work your require. Every job completed by Smartlox comes fully guaranteed for one year, and all parts carry a two-year warranty. Whatever your needs or requirements are, we are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. To find out more click here.

Edinburgh Locksmith: Is it time you bought a safe for your valuables? Wed, 05 Oct 2016 17:23:34 +0000 Smartlox Edinburgh Locksmith

It’s everyone’s nightmare to return home and find you’ve been burgled and all your precious belongings have been stolen. We hear about this on on a daily basis as a local locksmith in Edinburgh, and regardless of your properties location, we are all at risk. Without warning and within minutes you’ve lost everything that’s taken years to acquire.

Having the best security installed at your property includes having a good alarm put in place and fitting reliable locks to all doors and windows within your building. As an additional safety measure, more homeowners and businesses are installing safes in their properties

The difficult initial question when enquiring about a safe is where to start? There are many kinds of safes to choose from. I’ve detailed a few of the questions you should be asking before you take the plunge and purchase your new safe.

What do you need to store in your safe?

Your planning should always start with what exactly do you need to keep safe? Which possessions have the most value to you and your family. Put yourself in a worst case scenario of discovering you’ve been burgled. What lost possessions would upset you the most?

Consider things that are irreplaceable and have memories for your family. Included in your research should be paper documents of value to you, such as birth certificates, passports, share certificates and property deeds. Also, consider insurance and vehicle documents that you need storing.

Additional things to consider should be expensive items of jewellery and personal keepsakes such photos and recordings. Another area of the store could be medication for you and your family both for safe keeping and to keep away from children etc.


What kind of safe would be best?

Every house is built in a different way. What you’ve decided to store safely will determine what kind of safe is best for you. Below are some of the most popular safe types:

Fitted Wall Safes:When most people think of a safe they immediately think of wall safes like in countless movies. The main problem with this safe is that they can’t support to much weight. The primary purpose of wall safes is for storage of papers and important documents.
Floor Standing Safes: These safes offer the most versatility but tend to be bulky and cumbersome. They’re ideal for storing heavy weight items and larger pieces.
Dangerous Items: It is never a good idea to store weapons such as knifes and guns in either wall or floor safes that are in regular use. These such items should be stored in specially built safes that have extra security such as additional locks and stronger casings.
You often might be better off buying two safes for different locations and items for storage. This has the bonus that is, is if they find one safe the other safe could be untouched.

What size of safe do you require?

Although it might seem elementary, always take the measurement before and after looking for safes. Safes by their very nature are heavy items and are always difficult to move. Once delivered to your house or business it is always best to install first time without the need to move again. Also, make sure you choose a safe that can accommodate all your possessions.

The outside of the safe is pretty straight forward. Measure the height, width and depth of any safe and always consider the door opening space required to gain access quickly and easily. It’s always wise to measure where your safe is going to reside with plenty of room to spare.

To calculate the inside measurements, collect everything that you’ve taken note of and roughly measure their height, width and depth. The majority of safe dimensions are given in cubic feet so you will need to convert to imperial measurements when working things out. Always try and buy as big a safe as possible for future proofing.

What level of security are you looking for?
Like everything, you get well-made safes and also less secure safes. Certain safes offer protection against fire but are lacking in lock security. Other safes are secure but come with a higher price tag. Before buying your safe think about what type of protection you need the most and whether you can afford to spend on this level of security.

According to the most recent Which Reports, fire is the most common cause of asset loss, succeeded by buglary and then water damage.

There are safes available that offer multiple attack protection. These safes are nown as composite safes. Like other safes these offer different levels of protection.

What can you afford?

What kind of budget you have can greatly affect the safe you’re going to buy. As with everything else you get what you pay for. Always keep in mind that bigger is not always better when choosing the right safe. Sometimes you have to comprimise and concentrate on a limited number of possesions you can secure.

You can still purchase a relatively secure safe that can withstand numerous attacks for very little money. But be aware that higher quality steel and superior boltings come at a price.

When purchasing a new safe there are always additional extras that you can put in place. Certain retailers include warranties on their safes which you can use to cover the cost of stolen possessions. Delivery costs are always to be considered so make sure you ask before you buy.

Hopefully we’ve given you some insight into the possibilies when purchasing a new safe. Smartlox provide safe opening services to homes and businesses throughout Edinburgh. If you have any questions or would like one of our locksmiths to visit your property for on site advice call Smartlox on 0131 538 1342

Installing A Maglock System In Marchmont, Edinburgh Sun, 25 Sep 2016 16:41:41 +0000 Smartlox Edinburgh Locksmith

Recent job replacing a maglock at a front door stairway in Marchmont, Edinburgh.

maglock-replacement edinburgh-locksmithmaglock-replacement lock-edinburghmaglock-stairway-edinburgh

A ‘maglock’ or electromagnetic lock is a locking system that consists of an electromagnetic device and armature plate.
They are most often used in the front doors of tenement stairways to automatically, open the lock when an intercom button has been pressed. They are also typically found on emergency exit doors due to their simple construction.

There are two types of magnetic locking devices. Fail safe or fail secure; a fail-safe system is de-energised when power is lost and remains in the open position whereas a fail-secure system remains locked when all power is lost. The lock system normally has a timer that can be set to keep the lock open; this is either 15 or 30 seconds.

Advantages of using a magnetic lock system includes;

1. Easy installation.
2. Fast operation. When the button is pressed, the lock is opened instantly.
3. Well constructed. These systems can take more abuse than other types of locking systems.
4. Low power consumption.


1. Require constant power to work properly and be secure.
2. Power cuts can cause them to de-energise and fail.
3. More expensive than other systems.
4. Often require additional parts to operate safely

We have extensive knowledge and experience of maintaining and replacing all kinds of magnetic locks. Call Smartlox for a no obligation quote and advice on magnetic lock installations.

]]> Home Security Tips To Keep You Safe Wed, 10 Aug 2016 14:03:52 +0000 Smartlox-Edinburgh-Locksmiths

Home Security should always be a top priority.


The majority of home security manufacturers have upped their game with the demand for tighter home and business safety.

When you buy or rent a property, it’s security is one of the major areas you should have covered.

There are always improvements that can be made to your security systems, to keep them up to date and maintenance-free. Here are a few ideas as to what actions you should consider implementing.

Tips To Remember
Going on holiday or away on business? With any luck, you’ve already set up your properties security system. Nevertheless, you should contemplate having these security measures in place while you are away:

1. Check Your Buildings Home Security System
Well, informed thieves can easily breach your standard security systems. It’s always beneficial to regularly upgrade you security system. Make sure your property has no security blind spots and fit motion sensors as required.

2. Fit Quality Locks
Your first task when moving to a new house is replacing every lock. Your best option is always to get a trusted and reliable locksmith like Smartlox to complete this work including:

Front and Back Doors
All Windows
When replacing deadbolts, it’s always best to have smart locks installed. These locks benefit from using access codes and state of the art technology. We fit smart locks that are tough to break. A bonus of this type of lock is the ability to allow access in times of emergency.

Always Fit Exterior Lighting
Bright light is always a good deterrent for every thief. A quality light source protects your property in two ways:

It helps CCTV cameras by shining the light on intruders.
It acts as a deterrent to any undesirables who show some unwanted attention towards your property.

Avoid These Mistakes
Installing a home security system is one of the best investments you can make. But in doing so it’s important not to neglect other areas of security and to remember these facts:

1. Don’t hide your keys under the plant pots!!
In the past, property owners were notorious for hiding their keys outside their front door. This often was to allow friends and neighbours easy access when you were away.

Nowadays this is best avoided whenever possible. Particularly with the amount of small high-value electronic items, we have today. Thieves are both opportunists as well as planners when it comes to burglaries. By hiding your keys anywhere outside, you’re running the chance of being seen when doing so.

2. Do Not Keep High-Value Items At Home
It’s always wise to keep high-value possessions under lock and key. Ideally away from your property when possible. Consider renting a safety deposit box. If you must store them at home, make sure they are kept from sight and stored securely.

3. Don’t Use Your Facebook Check-In
Today social media is part of our everyday life. Beware of giving too much information away online as today’s thieves are often tech savvy and will take advantage whenever they can.

Do you need more help and advice with your home security? Call our security technicians anytime on 0131 538 1342.