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Smartlox Edinburgh can supply and fit door entry and intercom systems to tenement doors.
We have vast experience on these types of systems and can maintain ,replace and repair intercom systems and door entry systems that are common in Edinburgh tenements.

Choosing an Intercom/Door Entry System

This is the most important part, if you wish to keep your stair door secure from intruders and control entry, your intercom system must be in good condition and prevent unwanted access.

The most common locking system on a stair door is a Yale lock, and an electric strike, these are not adequate to prevent people gaining access as they have some weak points, people put the snib on; the door doesn’t close properly, they can easily be forced open.

The most cost effective upgrade that we commonly fit is a Cisa lock ,this lock is much more secure as it is stronger especially when combined with a Cisa Kickstop security bar, the door closer often has to be replaced as the cisa has a much stronger spring action to lock the door, we also typically recommend that the rim lock cylinder is also replaced at the same time to ensure smooth operation.

We recommend a restricted key system for stair doors to prevent unauthorised key duplication; this means that only people that live in the stair and can prove it will be able to get additional keys cut.

Locking systems can vary from keys to electronic keypads to more advanced biometrics; it’s a personal choice but the more complicated, the more expensive.

Magnetic Locks /Access Control

If you want a high-security system we can convert your existing door entry system to lock with magnetic locks and fob access, this system is typically fitted in new build apartments.
We also supply and fit high-security locking systems to individual apartments and commercial offices.
Abloy electronic deadlocks that are operated by a keyfob are the top of the range, and systems that operate from your mobile phone are also being developed.


Dont panic we can help you.
If you are having problems with a door that’s constantly open,not closing,buzzers not working ,then feel free to contact us and we will give you a quote to rectify any problems.